Caring for your furniture.

Hyre's Country Haven furniture is constructed of Indonesian Teak which is plantation grown under strict governmental control.  It is very durable, insect resistant and rot resistant. Because of its natural oils, it is one of the most suited woods for outdoor use in the world.  Your Hyre's Country Haven furniture comes with a Teak Oil finish that enhances the natural beauty of the Teak wood.   

As with all wood, it is a living material and will continue to respond to climate conditions even after being made into a piece of furniture.  For this reason there are  steps that can be taken to obtain the desired look you want.

Rustic look: If you leave your Hyre's Country Haven furniture outdoors and unprotected from the elements it will weather to a light silvery gray.  Left unprotected you may notice small cracks or surface checking as it ages.  This is normal and doesn’t affect the structural integrity of your furniture.

Recommended maintenance while achieving the rustic look is to periodically wash your furniture to -remove dust, dirt or stains that might present itself.  We recommend the use of a mild detergent and a soft bristle brush.  DO NOT power wash. 

Maintaining the natural color: Hyre’s Country Haven Teak furniture comes with a Teak oil finish that enhances the natural beauty of the Teak wood.  If you prefer to maintain a similar color to the Teak wood enhanced by the Teak Oil finish it requires a periodic maintenance of cleaning the furniture and an application of Teak oil.  

Before application of Teak Oil, first make sure your furniture is clean using a mild detergent and a soft bristle brush to remove any dust, dirt or stains.  DO NOT power wash.  You must allow the wood to thoroughly dry before applying Teak Oil.  Teak Oil is absorbed into the wood . It is for this reason that the Teak wood needs to be dry enough to absorb the Teak Oil application.  Apply using a multi-purpose spray bottle and wipe off excess oil with a cloth.

A periodic application is recommended as weather conditions indicate for your area.  Note:  We like to remind you to please read all instructions on the label of the oil you use and follow proper procedures for discarding rags. 
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